Lessons Learned From a “Free Day”

I feel gross.

The food plan I’m following in this fitness transformation challenge is somewhat strict six days per week. One “free day” is allowed per week as a way to keep us from feeling deprived. Yesterday was my first free day.

Spoiler alert: As promised I abstained from foods that set up addiction issues. I didn’t eat very much for breakfast; that’s never been my favorite meal of the day anyway. A work friend and I went out for Mexican food for lunch. The hubs, knowing it was my free day, wanted to go out to his favorite Texas-style brisket restaurant. The wait there was too long so we cruised over to Chili’s. I really wasn’t hungry because of the larger than normal lunch. But I mindlessly noshed on chips and salsa anyway. By the time my meal came, I didn’t really enjoy it.

So what did I learn from my first free day? Even though I only started the fitness transformation challenge on Monday, I’ve been eating more healthfully for many months now (and am currently 70 lbs below my top weight).  So yesterday’s “experiment” was a real shock to my system. On the positive side, I enjoyed not being regimented as to the times of day I eat the six mini-meals (I only ate three times). I liked not be bothered with portion sizes.

Going forward, will I participate in free day? I’m going to try it again next weekend, but remember to have the wisdom to stop eating when satisfied, rather than waiting until full.

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2 Responses to Lessons Learned From a “Free Day”

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  2. Rebekah Sticht Hayes says:

    That part about learning to eat until satisfied rather than full is an important lesson we should all keep in mind.

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