Nostalgia Ain’t Always Good

A major soft drink company is airing a television commercial that takes viewers to a simpler time. The commercial was shot in black and white and the narrator’s script makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

The commercial’s hook is this: For a limited time, the soft drink will be made with….are you ready for this….real sugar! Oh happy day! The narrator announces this as if it’s a good thing.

Now, when I changed my eating habits, I promised myself that I would not become one of those annoying people who critiques other people’s food choices. Heck, I have enough trouble keeping myself in line without worrying about what anyone else eats. In fact, there have been times I’ve walked into the break room at the office while someone is helping him/herself to whatever treat has been left for all to enjoy. When they see me they make some sort of comment like, “You caught me.” Or, “I know I shouldn’t eat this, but…” They say this as if I really care what they put in their mouths. I promise you, I DON’T CARE. I am not the food police. Having said that, if someone who struggles with food issues asks me for help and support, then yes, I will care very deeply about that person’s path to wellness. But even then, what other people eat is none of my business.

But back to the soft drink. Yes, today’s soft drinks are loaded with chemicals that are of no benefit to humans. I think of them as poison and I no longer drink them (although, believe me, I loved the way they taste. And the fizz…don’t get me started about how much I used to love that fizz on my tongue.)

If you continue to enjoy soft drinks, that is your business. I mean that. But please, people, let’s not let Madison Avenue advertising executives lull us into the belief that a soft drink made with real sugar is a good thing. It isn’t.

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