Game On

My friend Steve invited me to join him in an on-line fitness transformation challenge. Little did he realize he dangled a magic word in front of me: challenge. I’m a sucker for challenges, competitions, etc. I guess they appeal to the planner and goal-setter in me.

Steve is someone whose fitness journey I admire very much. Years ago he and his fabulous wife were my tae kwan do instructors. He’s really knowledgeable and I completely trust him to give me sound advise on exercise and nutrition.

I surfed the website Steve directed me to and nothing I read was in conflict with my current exercise plan. (Micah, my Boot Camp trainer will be pleased to know this.) The nutritional guidelines are a smidge stricter than what I’m currently doing, but I think I’m willing to do another clean sweep of my food plan, especially since I will be competing against other participants.

It’s amazing how a challenge can affect my willingness. Just a few days ago, I told some friends, “I’ve given up sugar, white flour, and diet sodas. But you can’t have my full-fat salad dressing or my sugar-free (but not fat-free) flavored coffee creamer.” But when Steve and I chatted today and I shared my food plan with him, just verbalizing it made me realize I needed to make these simple sacrifices if I’m really going to get into the best shape of my life. People in great shape, and I mean dynamic shape, don’t waste fat grams and calories on salad dressings and coffee creamer. They eat “good fats” such as those found in nuts and seeds, in moderation of course. They eat extremely clean 98% of the time.

Today Steve and I determined we would begin I begin our 18-week fitness transformation challenge on Monday. Happily, I’ve not spent today cramming in forbidden foods as a last hoorah before Monday. And I plan to stay on my food plan again tomorrow. Why spend Day One of the challenge feeling gross from a weekend of excess?

Wish us luck because it’s Game On!

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2 Responses to Game On

  1. Rebekah Sticht Hayes says:

    I hope Steve knows who he’s up against Pam. And I wish you both the best of luck on your journey. I have confidence in you and know you’ll succeed.

  2. pamojamo says:

    Girl friend, you don’t know Steve! He’s a machine and has a great chance of winning this thing. I’m honored that he asked me along for the ride and I will learn a lot from him.
    Thanks for the vote of confidence. This will be fun and I’ll keep folks posted on 482gr8.

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