I’ve Got One Tea-riffic Friend

In my post, “Addiction Workaround” I mentioned how much I enjoy Celestial Seasonings’ Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride herb tea. It’s one of those specialty blends that’s only available during the holidays. It’s sugar-free, tastes fantastic, and is something I enjoy without guilt.

Today I returned to my office following a meeting and there were TWO boxes of Cookie Sleigh Ride tea on my desk! I can’t remember discussing this tea fetish with anyone but I remembered blogging about it. A few 482gr8 followers via Facebook’s Networked Blogs work where I do and I had a hunch I knew which one of them was the Secret Pal. I quickly found her and she copped to it immediately, all smiles, of course.

This act of kindness just tickled me to death. To her it was a small gesture, but to me it was a huge outpouring of support. Working on health and fitness can be tough. We are bombarded by mouth-watering TV commercials, magazine ads and billboards. We are surrounded by people who are not on our journey and who try to convince us that “one bite won’t hurt.” So I especially appreciate the wonderful people in my life who tell me and show me they are in my corner.

I’m sending out a public “thank you” to my tea-riffic friend. You made my day.

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