Addiction Work-around

I make a mean batch of fudge. I make it once a year to give to a few relatives at Christmas time. Back in the day, my main motivation for making fudge was sneaking piece after piece for myself while I was putting together the gift tins. And don’t think I didn’t reopen the tins and sneak more before giving them away.

When I gave up sugar I decided it would be unfair to deny my family their annual fudge fix. After all, I’m the one addicted to sugar, not them. It’s no different than my giving a bottle of wine as a hostess gift, even though I don’t drink.

So here it is the weekend before Christmas and it’s time to make the fudge. I few days ago I made birthday brownies for the hubs without licking any batter. Would I be so triumphant today?

Way too much time had passed since breakfast. As I lined up all of the ingredients for fudge, I realized I’d better eat first. I’d picked up some brown-rice sushi while at the store and figured that would make for a healthy lunch. It was great but I still wasn’t satisfied. So I downed not one but TWO sugar-free Jello Mousse cups while I stirred the fudge.  The fudge was really starting to smell fantastic so I made a cup of Celestial Seasonings’ Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride herb tea. I love that stuff and it’s only available this time of year. So I drank a cup of that while I poured the fudge into pans to harden.

I’ll wait until tomorrow to prepare the gift tins. I plan to ask the hubs to hang out with me while I prepare them. That way I’ll have a witness to help me stay honest in the event I’m tempted to sneak a bite.

Thankfully, this is something I only do once a year. And thankfully I have a plan because I choose to remain sugar-free.

One day at a time.

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