Celebration In the Midst of Setback

Ever since completing the Saint Jude Half Marathon on December 5, I’ve been dealing with hip pain. This is most likely an over-use injury. The week following St. Jude I did the customary “light workouts” that are suggested following a distance event. Last Saturday I ran three miles on a treadmill, using the session to do some speed work. That certainly didn’t help the hip.

On Tuesday of this week I went out for what I thought would be a five mile run. About a half mile into it my hip hurt so badly I knew I had to stop running. I hobbled back to the gym, scared that I had really injured myself and concerned I would not be able to train for an April half marathon. (I have a tendency to borrow trouble!)

A trainer advised that I stop running (duh) and discontinue my three-day/week bootcamp class until the pain goes away. The pool is my only option for cardio for a while.

I started swimming this summer as prep for a sprint triathlon. The event included a 1/2 mile pool swim (17 laps). Over time I’d built up my endurance so that I could swim 20 laps. But swimming was something I did after a boot camp session or after a run. I never meant for swimming to be my sole method of cardio.

This week I figured out if swimming’s all I’ve got, I’m going to have to give it all I’ve got in order to burn calories and keep my cardio system strong. Yesterday I swam 25 laps and felt very accomplished. But today….


This distance is the longest I’ve ever swam. Ever.  I got out of the water feeling very proud and grateful. I’m grateful that I went to the gym rather than staying home and moping about my injury. I’m grateful that I decided to test myself. I’m grateful that for today I don’t have an “all or nothing attitude” that tells me, “If I can’t run I’ll just sit here and eat bonbons.”

Today I will celebrate in the midst of my setback.

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