It’s About Personal Accountability

Pick up a newspaper and chances are you’ll read an article on healthcare reform. Regardless of what side of the political fence you sit on, I bet you’ll agree that our healthcare system can’t continue on its current path.

I’ve long said that when it comes to higher healthcare premiums, I shouldn’t have to pay for your smoking habit and you shouldn’t pay more because I’m carrying around more pounds than are healthy.  So it was with interest yesterday that I read a Letter to the Editor in my local newspaper. The writer states, “I have seen the enemy and it is us. The Amercian people have eaten themselves into ugly shape and want their doctors and prescriptions to relieve the pains and illnesses brought on by their unhealthy eating habits. Bad backs, bad knees and countless other ailments are, mostly, brought on by stuffing ourselves and sitting on the couch watching TV. ….Wake up people! No amount of health insurance will cure our nation’s helth problems. We must help ourselves before we wind up destroying ourselves.”

To this writer I say, “Bravo!” His words may sound harsh but they are so true.

I used to work in an office that was a floor above a cardiologist’s office. Each morning as I entered the building, I saw cardiac patients who were morbidly obese puffing away on cigarettes. That just didn’t make sense to me. But I was no better.

Sixty-seven pounds ago I was taking high blood pressure medicine, I had acid reflux, my knees and back ached and I got out of breath walking from point A to point B. Now I no longer take any prescription meds, I can run (ok, jog) 13.1 miles and I am pain-free except for my right knee (more on the knee injury saga in a future post).

So while our national leaders debate healthcare reform, how about each of us engage in personal healthcare reform. Are you with me?

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